Berkeley Harris – Sandler Training

Berkeley Harris

Growing your Business
The audience is engaged to share their business headaches toward attracting new customers such as;  price, cannot get to enough prospects,  don’t manage to qualify potential customers, having to discount to convert sales etc.   This 45 minute seminar provides outcomes of how to sell in modern times and how to plan your approach to finding new business.

Operating your own business can be tough!  Your franchisor will teach you the model, set you up and provide ongoing support – the bit you have to do is grow your business.   We have secured Berkeley Harris, a global trainer & coach, to deliver a 45 minute seminar on ‘Growing your business’.

Berkeley is a UK based franchise expert who trains businesses in Sales, Management & strategic Customer Care.  He has trained Sandler Techniques & Methodologies since 2012 and firmly believes there is no better sales training anywhere else.

Formerly an awarded Royal Marines Commando for 10 years Berkeley came into the business world from a different angle and now trains companies in four areas:

Strategy – a must for any development,  Structure – of processes and Management, Staff – in terms of the best people and how to get the best from them and Skills – how to sell, account manage, prospect, obtain referrals & convert at higher margins.

Berkeley tried and tested the Sandler techniques and methodologies as a UK Sales Director and achieved double-digit growth year on year. Sandler approached Berkeley to become a global consultant and now he trains companies of all sizes in a variety of industries.  A fun uplifting delivery – often speaking alongside TV & Sports celebrities as a Keynote speaker.

Kieran James – Pay Keeper accountant and business advisor

Kieran James

Deliberate Business: How to get what you want from your business!

Kieran will be discussing how to make sure that your business helps you earn well, be happy and be fulfilled in the process. Bringing in expertise from finance, sport science and the coaching world, Kierans provides a simple step by step approach to making this happen.
Kieran James runs an accounting and training business supporting franchisees to be more organised and more focused.

Paul Mitchell – Accentia Franchise Consultants

Paul MItchell

Paul has been a franchisor for over 30 years building and running some of the UK’s leading independent franchise brands. As a consultant he works with clients from and beyond the documentation stage through a fully managed recruitment process that effectively monetises a client’s network by recruiting franchisees. He has personally recruited over 100 franchisees for clients during 2017/18 and generated over £2m in franchise fee revenue for clients

How to successfully expand your business through franchising
Develop a successful strategy to help expand your business through franchising, and recruitment of new franchisees.

Paul Skinner – Author of a book Collaboration beats Competition

Paul Skinner

Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success
The history of business strategy has been built on the idea that businesses must compete to win. But what if the competitive model of business is now broken? In today’s interconnected world, could strategies to create competitive advantage actually be holding your business back?

In his book Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success, strategic consultant and social entrepreneur, Paul Skinner presents Collaborative Advantage as a radical alternative to the conventional goal of competitive advantage.

In this talk Paul will explore how Collaborative Advantage can help to restore human purpose and our innate capacity for co-operation to the heart of business strategy. He will give examples of how Collaborative Advantage can help you to achieve greater results with fewer resources and mobilise staff and other stakeholders around a common purpose.

Paul Skinner is the author of Collaborative Advantage: How collaboration beats competition as a strategy for success, which was published by Little, Brown on June 22nd.

Paul is the founder of the Agency of the Future, which helps clients create Collaborative Advantage to drive organisational success. And he is also the founder of Pimp My Cause, which uses cause-related marketing challenges to enhance the capabilities of individuals and teams and supports over two thousand good causes with access to pro bono marketing in the process.

In 2014 he was awarded an honorary visiting fellowship at Edge Hill University Business School. He has twice won Consultant of the Year awards from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is an advisory board member at the Museum of Brands.

Stephen Thompson – Darwin Gray

Stephen Thompson

What all first-time Franchisees should know before buying a franchise

The biggest mistake would-be franchisees often make is not having enough understanding of the franchise model before signing on the dotted line – which can be a costly mistake.

Steve Thompson, head of the specialist franchising team at Darwin Gray solicitors, will be discussing the key legal issues all new franchisees should be aware of before buying a franchise business, ensuring that you start your franchising journey off on the right foot.  Steve will explain the purpose of the franchise agreement and the manual, what you need to take legal advice on at the outset and how to go about it, what you need to make sure is agreed in writing, and the relationship between you and your franchisor going forward – including dealing with any tricky issues which might arise in the future.

With over 20 years of experience in advising franchisors and franchisees on a wide range of issues, Steve will be happy to answer any burning questions you might have about franchising.  The Darwin Gray franchising team will also be on hand throughout the day, and encourage you to book a free appointment at the Expo to chat through any queries you might have (contact: to arrange a suitable booking).